Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Review and Meal Plan

This is going to be our 2nd round of The Military Diet or 3 Day Diet Monday-Wednesday. Last week Gabe lost 4 pounds and I lost 2 pounds. We ate fairly well Thursday though today plus I worked out. I managed to lose 1 more pound.  It's making meal planning easy.

Breakfast: toast, grapefruit, egg, cheese, banana, apple, peanut butter, smoothies

Lunch: tuna, eggs, crackers, cheese, peanuts, rice cakes, chicken, toast, veggies, soup

Sunday-we went to Picklefish for pizza

Monday-chicken, green beans, apple, banana, vanilla ice cream

Tuesday-turkey dogs, spinach, carrots, banana, vanilla ice cream

Wednesday-tuna or chicken, banana, vanilla ice cream

Thursday-whole wheat pasta and vodka sauce

Friday-red beans and rice

Saturday-Papa Murphy's for Liberty's slumber party

We're going to exercise while on the plan this week since it's not our first go around.

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