Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Meal Planning

This is going to be an interesting food week for us. We're going to try The Military Diet or 3 Day Diet Monday-Wednesday to help jump start Gabe's weight loss and kick start my metabolism since I'm at a plateau. It's making meal planning easy this week.

Breakfast: toast, grapefruit, egg, cheese, banana, apple, peanut butter, smoothies

Lunch: tuna, eggs, crackers, cheese, peanuts, rice cakes, chicken, toast, veggies, mushrooms, soup

Sunday-free Papa John's thin crust

Monday-chicken, green beans, apple, banana, vanilla ice cream

Tuesday-turkey dogs, spinach, carrots, banana, vanilla ice cream

Wednesday-tuna or portabella mushrooms, banana, vanilla ice cream

Thursday-lasagna rolls and salad

Friday-red beans and rice

Saturday-plans with friends

I'll let you know the results of the 3 day diet at the end of the week. Some people report losing up to 10 pounds.

We'll wait till Thursday to add exercise back as well.

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