Saturday, February 23, 2013

What a Week

This was a crazy week all the way around.  Work was hectic just about every day.  It was go, go, go all day long.  I like it when I'm busy all day, but not when I feel stressed about it.

I've had moments this week where I've just wanted to scream and I actually did once which kinda freaked out Libby.  I keep getting political ad calls on my phone and I finally had it and screamed when once again the call was for the stupid state senate race.

The "Tenant from Hell" is still in our rental house.  She's waiting on her tax return so she can pay us off and move out.  Three months without rent is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!  I need her out.  If she doesn't have any good news on Monday I think I'm going to have to go to the courthouse to get her out.  I'm tired of always being nice and taken advantage of.  We don't own that house so others can live there and not pay.  It's a business that's slowly killing us.  My supply of Valium is dwindling.  I may have to see the doctor soon to get more.

I did just check Where's My Refund and it shows our tax return is scheduled to be deposited on Monday.  Please let that be true.  We need to get going with our Total Money Makeover and that will get us the $1000 emergency fund and we'll be able to pay off a credit card.

Some good news....Gabe's dad is giving us a truck that we can sell to make some money.  That will pay off a second credit card.  See the snowball effect plan???  He is currently picking up the truck and next week we'll get it all cleaned up to sell.  There's a plan in place and I'm ready to see things work out.

Today is one year since my surgery to remove my appendix and gall bladder.  Health wise I feel better than I have in a long time.  Eating healthier and exercising are really helping.  I'm still having headaches, but what else is new?  I've had them since I was a teen so I'm kinda used to it.  If I really think about it I have one every day ever since the issues started with my neck.  It's when it turns into a killer migraine that they disturb me now. 

I think I'll go get lost in a book or movie and forget about reality for a while.

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