Friday, January 18, 2013

My Two Weeks as a Single Parent

The last two weeks were not easy. Gabe was out of town for work so I learned what it would be like to be a single parent.  Let me just say, I have a new respect for all the single parents I know and a new appreciation for the wonderful man who is my husband. I wouldn't want to live my life without him.  This was the longest we've been apart in 12 years.

The first week Liberty spent each afternoon after school with her 1st grade teacher so she wasn't home alone too long in the afternoon. On that Tuesday the school went on lock down around 4pm thanks to an armed standoff in our neighborhood. They were able to evacuate the school around 6pm and the situation ended peacefully by 8pm. The rest of the week was uneventful. That Saturday Libby had a friend sleep over and they had a blast.

On Monday while we were getting ready for our day, Lib got sick. We hoped it was just a stomach bug, but by that night she was achy and coughing so Tuesday we headed to the pediatrician. She said she just had a virus and should be fine in a few days. By Tuesday night she had a low grade fever. Wednesday I started feeling bad too. This was not a good week. I definitely didn't plan on missing a week of work, but when you're a parent you have to do what's right for your child. Thursday night was the worst. Liberty's fever went up and she couldn't stop coughing. I called the doctor's office today and they prescribed her a cough suppressant that seems to be helping. We spent a lot of time watching Myth Busters and Alias on Netflix as well as playing Life and Fluxx.

Gabe made it home around lunch time today. It's so nice to have our family back. He was exhausted from traveling and with the two of us sick, we had a quiet day and night watching TV. This weekend will be low key so Liberty and I are well next week. The last two weeks were an adventure to say the least.

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CraftyHope said...

I know you and Lib are glad he's home and I'm sure he's just as relieved to be back with y'all as well. I hope this week goes off without a hitch!