Sunday, January 13, 2013

52 Week Money Challege

So I've noticed a few of my friends online taking part in the 52 Week Money Challenge.  I decided this seems completely reasonable so this morning I printed off the form and started my envelope.  I'm only a week late so this will be a great way to save some cash.  Since we're working hard to save money this year, the thought of having $1378 in an envelope by the end of the year sounds great to me.  I think we'll save the money towards a vacation in 2014.

Are any of you taking part in the challenge?  If you're not, did this post inspire you to?

I also read that you could start backwards and start with the $52 then deduct each week so that you're not having to come up with the large sum of money ($50+) around the holidays.  I'm going to move up and maybe next year I'll try it in reverse.

Since we're cutting our budget and trying ways to save, I'm really looking forward to seeing this work out at the end of the year.

Good luck everyone!


Julie Maloney said...

I thankfully leave all monetary matters in my husbands hands. I only handle the grocery shopping and I save at least 50% off my bill each week so that's as far as my contribution goes. He's amazing with money. I don't know how he does it. When we were separated I jacked up all my credit cards because I was working as a waitress and was living way outside my means and he paid them all off for me when I came home. God bless that man.

Heather Wigen said...

I'm doing my best couponing as well. Any specific websites you use to help you save?