Thursday, June 2, 2011


Back in February, Liberty sprained her ankle playing Kinect at our friends' house. She had some slight swelling and bruising, but it felt better in a few days. Then she started complaining again. This was an on and off thing for a while.

Fast forward to April. The first day after returning to school from Spring Break Liberty said her ankle hurt really bad again. I took her to the pediatrician. She said she probably re-injured it so she recommended a soft brace, ibuprofen, and heat.

A week later it still hurt. I called the pediatrician and we were referred to a orthopedic. He took x-rays and everything looks good. He said that from the pain she describes, Liberty probably has peroneal tendinitis. He also put her in a cast brace to immobilize her ankle for two weeks.

We returned to the orthopedic two weeks later and there was no change in Liberty's pain level. The doctor referred us to physical therapy for 3 weeks and also said to call if there was no change soon to have an MRI ordered. It seems that each day Liberty's pain is getting worse. Physical therapy is not working. She has her MRI tomorrow and we go back to the doctor next Wednesday. Hopefully we'll get some answers. I feel so helpless. My baby is in a lot of pain and there's nothing we can do to help her.

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Sara O'Flaherty said...

Poor girl!!! We are thinking of her, hope you get some answers!!