Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's New....

Okay, so I've fallen off the face of the blogging world for a while. I was very sick with tonsillitis and bronchitis for a week and have just started feeling like myself again. I was off work for 4 days, which I didn't have to take. But when you're running a 102 fever you're no use to anyone.

I started back on Weight Watchers when I became sick. I lost 7 pounds the week I was sick. I lost another pound this week. I'm happy with the progress. I'm one pound away from the weight I ended at when I finished WW in May. Doing it on my own is hard, but I can't afford meetings at the moment. Maybe I'll try online when the new year roles around.

I started exercising yesterday. I have Wii Fit which I did not do for 99 days. How do I know? The game tells you! It's such a smarta$$ about it too. I would love to lose 25 pounds. More would be great, but I'd be happy back around 140 pounds.

Hopefully this week will go by fast. It's going to be a busy one. On Monday evening I have my fitting for my Mardi Gras ball costume. Tuesday night Liberty is sleeping over at her friends' house for the first time. She's out of school on Wednesday and will spend the day with her freiends. Thursday we'll go to Gulf Breeze to my hubby's family for Thanksgiving. On Friday we're going to Bon Secour to see my parents and my uncle who will be in from Dallas. Friday evening is Alicia and Sheldon's wedding rehearsal and Saturday is the big day. The wedding. It feels like it was just Christmas and he surprised her with her ring. Now it's time for the wedding. Gabe and I are in the wedding. Liberty will help my mom be the photographer's assistant since my dad is taking the pictures.

We went to Wal-Mart earlier today and bought our Christmas tree. I hope to put it up next Sunday. We thought about getting a live tree for the first time, but with my allergies and Liberty's asthma we decided not to chance it.

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Pamela Kramer said...

Are you kidding me? I would love to be 140. I'm trying the 30 days of Oatmeal challenge with workout mommy. So far so good. Oh the Biggest Loser comes on tonight. I LOVE that show.