Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Topsy Turvey Tuesday

Tuesdays are officially a crazy day at our house. Liberty as soccer practice at 5pm. This means I have to leave work 30 minutes early to pick her up from after school care and make it to the park on time. That also means I can't take a full lunch to come home and let the puppy out. Luckily, Gabe was able to do that today. I took lunch with me to work and got in 30 minutes of over time. The puppy is adjusting with a few "bumps" here and there. She's almost completely potty trained. Yippee!!! But for some reason, she's decided the couch is something to chew. Not bad, but it could be if we were not around. For this reason, we haven't let her stay out while we're at work. She's staying in the kennel. She's a very smart dog. In about 10 minutes tonight, Gabe had her sitting when he said "sit".

Since it's Tuesday and I knew we would not be home until after 6pm, I decided to make a pot roast in the Crock Pot. It was awesome. In the last week I've made three meals in the crock pot. I wish I had discovered how easy it is to use the Crock Pot years ago. I've used it in the past, but not to cook a full meal like I've been doing. So far I've made taco soup, chicken and cream sauce, and the pot roast. I can post recipes if anyone wants them. The leftovers are great for the nights I have to work or for our lunch since we are normally able to come home. I am definitely going to start collecting Crock Pot recipes. I read one for a cobbler. I'm glad I have two of them. I can have dinner cooking in one and dessert cooking in the other. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't. I'll never lose weight that way!

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