Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach Fun

We had a blast in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach this weekend. We stayed with friends in a five bedroom house off the main strip in Orange Beach. It was great having some "grown up" time for a change. We went out to eat Friday and Saturday nights. Friday we went to Guy Harvey Grill and Saturday we went to LuLu's. Saturday we went to the beach. With all the wind from Hurricane Ike I didn't realize I missed my arms with the sunscreen. Man do they hurt. Gabe surfed. We also saw Yancy Spencer from Innerlight. They were filming. Pretty cool. On Saturday night we played poker after dinner. That was fun.

Sunday morning was "dawn patrol". We met some guys from high school and Gabe surfed. I think he had more fun on this day then on Saturday when the waves were bigger. Being with "the crew" from high school made it an awesome morning.

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CraftyHope said...

Where's the pictures and how was Guy Harvey's? We haven't eaten there yet and have been wondering. I'm glad y;all had such a nice time. I'm sure adult weekends are hard to come by.