Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a Hump Day

Last night Big Buddy, the frog Libby rescued from the pool two weeks ago died. I thought something was wrong with it's back leg and sure enough, it was broken. Gabe said she was very upset and wanted me since I was at my part-time job. This morning she was fine about it. Probably the fact that we removed all traces of the frog helped. We now have a ten gallon aquarium hiding in the garage.

Today is my day of interviews. I had an interview at Snelling this morning for a Business Development Manager position. We also talked about a Recruiter position they have. Both sound interesting. Then SSI Group called. I interviewed there July 17 for a Support Service Rep position. I now have a meeting with the VP of Client Services at 1:30pm. I'm excited and nervous. They are a really good company with good benefits. The pay isn't what we were hoping for, but we can make it work. Another plus is it's in the same building Gabe works in. I'll update later today after my meeting at SSI Group.

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CraftyHope said...

You should know that several of the LLS members work for SSI. REALLY!