Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fabtabulous Friday Night

My interview at the American Heart Association went well. I hope to hear back from them soon. I really want the job and know I can do it well.

Yesterday was our friend Lori's 30th birthday. We went to Orange Beach and had dinner at Cafe Grazie. It was wonderful. Gabe and I shared the Grazie Cannelloni. It was stuffed with lobster, shrimp, crab and scallops, and topped with alfredo sauce. Later we went out with everyone. It was a blast. Something we don't normally do, especially with a six year old. She is staying with my parents for the weekend. This is the first "alone" time we've had in a while. This evening we're going to a casino in Biloxi with my Mardi Gras Society. It will be fun. Some of our best friends will be with.

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