Monday, August 18, 2008

Introducing our new addition

Yes, we're crazy. Max has been lonely since we had to get rid of Molly last year. We got Tiger, but cats and dogs don't really play well together we've found. They all co-exist just fine, but they're not friends. Well, Gabe's sister's Jack Russells had puppies on Mother's Day. She still had the little girl so we decided to bring her home as a friend for Max. Liberty named her Maisy since she was born in May. She's adjusting well. She's been chasing Max and vice versa. On the way home yesterday we stopped at the Bass Pro Shops in Spanish Fort and we were able to bring her in with us. We were stopped by so many people. So not only am I looking for a job, but now I'm training a puppy.

No news on the job front today. I know things will start happening soon.


CraftyHope said...

OMG - Is the Bass Pro Shop Open? Was it PACKED? Hmmm... was the restaurant open? I may get Pat to go to dinner tonight.)

CraftyHope said...

Oh, and congrats on the new puppy - Good Luck!!