Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Job Hunt Update

It's been a crazy week all ready. Having a new puppy is keeping me busy. Monday at 4:45pm SSI Group called and offered me the Support Service Representative position! I accepted and am scheduled to start on Monday. At this point I am still hoping something will happen with the Heart Association, but I can't take the risk of turning down a job when the economy is the way it is. I need a stable income and I see a lot of growth potential at SSI Group. I'm excited about the new journey ahead of me. I'm ready to return to work.

I'll still be able to drive Libby to school in the mornings, but she'll now go to after school care. She's sad and excited at the same time. She liked knowing I was home, but I reminded her that we like our house so Mommy has to have a job. Her new friend, Hannah, attends after school care at Dodge so she'll be with her.

I am registering Libby for soccer. She's going to play for Upward through Cottage Hill Baptist. She's excited. She has an evaluation on Saturday morning. Practices start Sept. 8. I'll keep everyone posted about how things go.

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