Saturday, February 2, 2013

January in Review

January was a trying month.  Our tenant hasn't paid rent since November.  She said she would be out this weekend,  but she is waiting for her tax return to have the money to pay us and move out.  I'm ready for the house to pay for itself again.  I'm tired of the money struggle. I want a good tenant who doesn't take advantage of us.

We did a pretty good job with the budget.  We're learning where our money goes and what we can cut.  It's a slow process,  but soon we'll be able to start paying down our debt. I read The Total Money Makeover and we're ready to start our emergency fund then the snowball of paying off our consumer debt.

Liberty and I were sick in the middle of the month when Gabe was out of town.  We were glad when he got home.

We've been eating better.  I lost 9.5 pounds this month.  I took 3 weeks off from working out.  Now that I'm feeling better I started back this morning. 

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