Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Wild Week

We have had a full week at our house. Monday Liberty woke up with a red eye. Gabe stayed home in case it was pink eye. Nope, just allergies!

Tuesday I go to take Liberty to day care. When we get there we find out that the older boy who has been bullying Libby is back. My child was terrified. I could not leave her there. I called work and let them know I would be late. I found a program that could take her that day. I was at work by 10:30am. Gabe and I picked her up and she was in a good mood and loved the new school. That made for a happy mommy and daddy too!

Tuesday night I had a girls night with new friends I met on Twitter. We had a great time having ice cream for dinner.

Yesterday I dropped her off and everything was great. At 10am got a phone call that a child at VBS at the center tested positive for Type A flu, possibly swine flu. The center canceled VBS and the summer program for the day. They said they would call about Thursday. I brought Libby home and was able to get a baby-sitter. Ended up taking about a two hour lunch.

This morning never heard a word. We got ready and I drove to the church at 7:40am. When I got there we found a note that said they were closed today for cleaning and would reopen tomorrow. I called the sitter and she has cheer practice this morning. She gets home around noon. Hopefully I'll be able to get her and be at work by 1pm.

Oh the joys of a working mom. This has been a stressful week. Of course, I don't get a weekend this week either. I'm working Saturday and then Sunday is Father's Day. The good thing is our family doesn't stress me out so Sunday will be relaxing.

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CraftyHope said...

I'm sorry you had such a wild week. I'm right there with ya. Sounds like the ice cream dinner was fun.
Oy-thanks for reminding me about father's day, I think I need to send the hubby out to take care of Danny and his dad's gifts (I'm a little pre-occupied)
I hope the weekend is a bit calmer for you!!