Thursday, May 21, 2009

No News is Good News

There hasn't been much to blog on lately. Life has been busy. Working two jobs keeps me busy. We did get the pool ready for summer. Mother's Day was our annual inagural pool party. I also met up with some great people that I've met through Twitter.

We've been dealing with grief. It seems like once a week Liberty has a break down about MeMe. In June it will be two years since my grandmother passed away. I think for kids it's harder as time goes by. They realize the finality of death. At the beginning it's like okay, the person has gone to heaven, they'll be back. Now she's getting older and realizing that MeMe is not coming back. It's quite sad.

We're preparing for a girls weekend. Gabe is going on his annual Z Car trip to Datsun, Nissan, Infiniti Shootout in Reynolds, GA. The weather is not supposed to be good here this weekend. Too bad because we had thought about going to the beach. Now we have to worry about the basement flooding. And Gabe won't be here. We have friends on standby.

Work is great. I stay busy and I'm getting tougher calls. I enjoy the challenge. It's nice when I figure out what's wrong on my own. It may not be something I can fix, but at least I figured out what the issue is.

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