Sunday, November 2, 2008


About two weeks ago Woot had a Woot Off. First thing in the morning they sold the Roomba for under $150. Gabe called and asked if I really wanted one. I said of course so he ordered it for my birthday. We both hate vaccumming so we decided it would definitely be worth the money.

About 4pm that day, the Scooba was for sale for under $190. Normally it sells for around $300 so I called Gabe and asked if we could get it as well. We have hardwood floors upstairs and ceramic tile downstairs so he agreed that it would be worth it.

They both arrived this past week. On Thursday we charged the Roomba. Gabe had it vaccuum downstairs on Friday when he was out running errands. It did an excellent job. We then set it loose in Liberty's room yesterday and the hall. We vaccuumed the rest of the house today. I charged the Scooba yesterday and used it in Liberty's room and the living room. My floors are so shiny! We're going to get on a rotating schedule of vaccuuming and mopping so that our floors stay clean. I think it will help us keep the whole house clean as well. We can't clutter things up when we have to keep picking up to have the robots vaccuum.

If you've ever thought about buying either of these products I highly recommend them. They are a definite must-have for the busy mom who wants more family time instead of cleaning time.

With 4 pets and an asthmatic child, I know we'll get our money's worth out of these products. Thanks iRobot for inventing the Roomba and Scooba!

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