Monday, September 1, 2008

Not the best of Labor Days

Hurricane Gustav decided to ruin any fun we might have had this Labor Day. No pool, no beach, just a bunch of wind and rain.

We have some of our best friends staying with us since they live on Dog River in Mobile. During Katrina, their house had at least 6 feet of water in the downstairs garage. They how have an 18 month old and knew their house was no place to stay. Originally it looked like Gustav would make landfall around high tide time. It is coming ashore sooner so we're not sure how much water they will have. They are hoping to be able to go home tonight.

Last night we watched the movie 21 on HD Demand. It was good. We went to bed around 12:30am. The little girls had been asleep for a while. Around 3am our friends got a call from the weather service they signed up for that we were under tornado warnings. They woke us up. We got Lib up and all headed to the basement. We ended up sleeping (somewhat) down there, just in case. Luckily nothing happened. We woke up around 7am. I made coffee for our friends since Gabe and I only drink cold coffee. We're completely addicted to it. Then I made pancakes for breakfast. We ate and we've been watching the news/weather and playing on the Internet. The girls have been playing and watching TV in Libby's room. The little one is ready for a nap. I can't blame her.

We're hoping we don't loose power, but our neighborhood is older and the lines are above ground. We have some limps on the ground, but not much. It will be interesting to see what happens in New Orleans to the levees. When I worked for Health Resource I traveled to the West Bank a lot. I pray that there is not much damage and that LA fares the weather this time around.


Erica Jeffrey said...

I am so tired of this yucky weather! I have eaten half of my chocolate birthday cake out of boredom! I start work tomorrow and I was suppose to get my hair colored today. I will have to start my first day with trailer park roots and tight pants(thanks to the birthday cake.)

SuZ said...

Ike was supposed to slam into us in Florida, so I'm breathing a small sigh of relief. Sorry it's heading your way though!!