Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Much

Today was a pretty normal day. I took the little girl to her favorite store, Build-A-Bear. She made a panda and dressed it in High School Musical clothes. We had lunch at McDonald's. I'm going to enjoy as much time with her this week as I can. We're going to have fun since school starts back Monday. We've had a great summer together. I wouldn't trade this summer for anything. It's hard not having a job lined up, but it will come in due time. Then we had dinner with friends and they came over so the kids could play. We're trying to get the little girl back to bed on school time, but it didn't work tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I started a Facebook page yesterday. It's a lot different from MySpace. I like it so far. The cool thing is I had a lot of friends join with me so we're stumbling through it together. Nothing thrilling or exciting to blog about today. Oh well. Life goes on.

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