Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday's Almost Over

I haven't slept well this week. My wonderful hubby has been trying to get sick all week. How do I know this???? His snoring! It's gotten worse which means I haven't been able to sleep. I've thought about going into Liberty's room and sleeping on the bottom bunk, but it's been full of toys all week. Today that was taken care of. I did move to the couch last night. I woke up with a leg cramp at 4am in my right leg then again at 6am in the left leg. WTH????? My legs have been sore all day. Anyway, Gabe felt so horrible this morning he didn't go with to Liberty's soccer game.

After the game we went with friends from church (the daughter is on Liberty's team) to Hudson's. We went looking for Halloween costumes. They had a ton of clothes. I've needed stuff for work ever since I started my new job. Well, I bought plenty today. My birthday's in a few weeks so I don't feel bad either. It can be my present. Anyway Liberty and her friend had to have the same Halloween costume. They are going to be Mardi Gras queens. The dress is beautiful.

When we made it home around 1pm Gabe could hardly talk. Liberty went to play with her friend down the street and I took Maisy to the vet for her shots. Afterward, I came home and I've been relaxing all day. I should be cleaning, but after working my a$$ off all week at two jobs, it's the last thing I want to do without help. I'm going to wash clothes and try to clean off my desk tomorrow. I'll also go to the grocery store.

For dinner tonight we had left over chicken and dumplings. They were yummy. Then I took Liberty to TCBY since she made straight As first quarter. Here are her grades:
Language Arts 98
Reading 97
Math 100
Science 100
Social Studies 100
Work Study 100
Conduct 100
We are so proud of her. She truly loves school and learning. I hope it continues.

The cat scratched me earlier and drew blood which meant I had to take a Benadryl. I'm probably going to fall out soon, which may not be a bad thing.

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SuZ said...

My husband snores... I always shove him and tell him to roll over... Ha ha.