Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cruisin' the Weekend Away, Part 2

I know I promised to finish this the other day, but life got in the way. I'll explain more in my next blog.....

Our first full day at sea. We ate breakfast in the dining room. We ended up eating with the president of my Mardi Gras society and her husband. It was nice. At 10am Carnival had a cocktail party for a group. Free alcohol.....we drank a lot that morning. After the party we "paraded" on the boat. We spent the day having fun with friends, eating good food, seeing the shows, and playing games, even putt-putt. We also played in the casino. Gabe participated in the Black Jack tournament on this day.
Friday night was the Captain's Dinner. My best friend, CraftyHope, got to sit at the Captain's table. Since she was not with her mom and step-dad, we ate with them that night. I had lobster and shrimp. Gabe had prime rib and lobster. The food was amazing. We were all dressed up:

We arrived in Cozumel early in the morning. We we disembarked we went shopping. Afterward we headed to Margaritavilla with our friends.

After eating we took a taxi to the beach. Gabe was able to go snorkeling, the one thing he kept saying he HAD to do. The water was gorgeous.
After getting back on the ship, we relaxed, had dinner, then went to the show. It was a blast.

Our last full day at sea was rough. We ate breakfast in the dining room, but that was the only meal we did that day. We skipped lunch as we were both full from breakfast and the ship was really rockin' and rollin'. We went to some games and played in the slot tournament. We then relaxed in the cabin and watched movies. Since I wasn't feeling so great we ate the Wharf buffet instead of eating in the dining room. After dinner, we went back to the cabin. The show for the evening was canceled due to the rough seas.

We had an amazing time. You can see all the pictures we took on the Flickr badge to the right.

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Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I've taken this exact cruise (and ship) twice already. Brings back good (pre-kid) memories for me. Hey, I clicked on the facebook widget in your sidebar to add you but it took me to an error page on Myspace twice.